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ACP History

The American Association for Child Psychoanalysis - April 28, 1965

The first regular meeting of the Association – then named The American Association for Child Psychoanalysis – was held April 28, 1965. Invitations were sent out by Marianne Kris, Peter Neubauer, and Albert Solnit. The meeting was hosted by Peter and 23 members were present.

The Association was three years in the planning, but five years before that Anna Freud met with a committee in Marianne Kris’ apartment to discuss recognition and training of child analysts in the United States . The first scientific meeting was held in Topekain April 1966 with Marianne Kris, President, Peter Blos, Secretary, and Grace Abbate, Treasurer, The original councilors were: Herman Belmont, Elizabeth Daunton, Paula Elkisch, Selma Fraiberg, Maurice Friend, Albert Solnit, Heiman van Dam, and Henry Wermer.<--break->




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