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ACP History

The American Association for Child Psychoanalysis - April 28, 1965

The first regular meeting of the Association – then named The American Association for Child Psychoanalysis – was held April 28, 1965. Invitations were sent out by Marianne Kris, Peter Neubauer, and Albert Solnit. The meeting was hosted by Peter and 23 members were present.

Nonprofit Details

The activities of the ACP include the development of educational programs for its members as well as for other mental health professionals, the development of collaboration among members in different parts of the country and the world, the development of public information strategies to inform the general public about the value of a psychoanalytic frame of reference to the understanding of childhood, adolescence, and parenting, and the continued scientific development of the field. Many psychoanalysts teach psychoanalysts-in-training and other mental health professionals, consult in Day Care Centers, Nurseries, Parent Child Centers, and Schools, as well as juvenile court, adult courts and with attorneys on forensic and legislative issues.

ACP Newsletter


Edited by Justine Kalas Reeves




I am very happy to announce to you the inauguration of the CHILD ANALYTIC TRAVELING SCHOLAR program, known as CATS. It’s a joint project of the ACP and the APsaA DPE Child Section and I was honored to be appointed by both as Chair of the organizing committee. ACP members Felecia Powell-Williams, Robin Rayford, and Ann Smolen round out the group so far, and we would love to have more interested colleagues join us.


Your Donation to ACP to increase awareness of the changes child psychoanalysis can bring in the trajectory of a child's life is greatly appreciated.

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