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The ACP has traditionally been an organization of psychoanalytic clinicians who are focused on child and adolescent psychoanalysis. We also welcome colleagues whose psychoanalytic activities have been in fields of research, academia, or the foundation of psychoanalytic institutions.

Annual Meeting

Membership in the ACP affords the opportunity to attend continuing education sessions each year at the Annual Meeting of the ACP. The Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity for child psychoanalysts from across the country and world to convene, collaborate, and present scholarly papers to their peers.

The Annual Meeting is typically held in the spring; past venues include, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Seattle, St. Louis, Denver, Tampa, Cleveland, Santa Fe, Durham, Beverly Hills, Miami Beach, Seattle, Boston, Cancun, Chicago, D.C., Austin, and Denver.


Your Donation to ACP to increase awareness of the changes child psychoanalysis can bring in the trajectory of a child's life is greatly appreciated.

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