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The ACP has traditionally been an organization of psychoanalytic clinicians who are focused on child and adolescent psychoanalysis. We also welcome colleagues whose psychoanalytic activities have been in fields of research, academia, or the foundation of psychoanalytic institutions.


The ACP provides grant funds to ACP members annually to support the low-fee psychoanalysis of children and adolescents. It issues this funding through a supporting institution to be given to a child analytic candidate or graduate child psychoanalyst working with a qualifying case.

In order to qualify for a grant, the fee paid by the family must not exceed $50, and the child must be in analysis at the time of application. Grant applications are available from the ACP office or on the "members only" section of the website and must be returned by October 31.

Grants are awarded in December of each year and are renewable up to a maximum of two years.


Your Donation to ACP to increase awareness of the changes child psychoanalysis can bring in the trajectory of a child's life is greatly appreciated.

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