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We have listed some books we feel may be helpful to your search for information on child development, parenting and psychoanalytic treatment. These recommendations are not meant as a substitute for professional consultation.

Timeless Advice for Parents of Young Children

The Grandmothers of the Hanna Perkins Center
The Hanna Perkins Center for Child Development

Timeless Advice to Parents of Young Children

This book is a compilation of more than sixty brief articles for parents on how to understand and help with a myriad of behaviors and issues young children exhibit and encounter articles are informed by psychoanalytic understandings of the inner life, developmental stages, and the importance of

feelings, with topics ranging from separation to toddler struggles to talking about death. Authors, Maria Kaiser, M. Ed; Kathy Smith Baker, M. Ed.; Georgianna (Gann) Roberts, M. Ed.Ginny Steininger, M. Ed; are all early childhood educators and directors. They spent much of their professional life consulting with Erna Furman,

Psychoanalyst, and wished they had had the knowledge they gained when they were raising their

own children. They have tremendous empathy for parents, a certain amount of wit and humor,

incredible energy, and an admirable commitment to sharing what they've learned with the

younger generation of parents in this changing world. Barbara Streeter, Psychoanalyst and

Director of the Hanna Perkins School, served as their consultant as they produced the more than

sixty parent friendly articles.

The review on the back cover of the book states:

“Children don’t come with an instruction manual, but this parenting book is about as close as

you can get. Written by a group of wise early-childhood development experts, it’s an easy-to-

read behavioral guide to what’s going on in your young child’s mind in almost any situation –

from public tantrums to noticing people with disabilities to preparing for the first day of

preschool. Whether you read it cover to cover or reach for it when the going gets tough, it will

help bring out that loving, nurturing, patient and resourceful parent that lives in all of us.”


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