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Setting a Child's Life on a Different Trajectory

Child psychoanalysis is much more intense than child psychotherapy.  With the intensity of meeting four or five times a week changes occur that are just not possible in a less frequent form of treatment.   Psychoanalysis can result in not just the reduction in anxiety, depression or behaviors that may be impulsive or self-defeating but set a child's life on a different trajectory through deep and lasting changes in personality along with the development of a capacity to grab hold of life and live it to the fullest.   

Through child psychoanalysis a child or adolescent who has a defeated or pessimistic view of the world can change to one who is more optimistic and confident.


Children can not talk about what bothers them in the same way that adults can.  Children express how they feel in their behavior.  It is these behaviors that usually cause parents to seek treatment.  Behaviors such as hyperactivity that are identified as attention deficit disorder or adhd can be caused by anxiety.  Depression can also lead to misbehavior, especially in boys who tend to express their depression through an angry rather than a sad mood.  Adolescent misbehavior like drug abuse, delinquent behavior or running away is frequently a cry for help. 

Many of the problems children develop do not come from their environment but from views they have developed within themselves of the world and how it works.  At times these views are related to environmental circumstances but just as often they are related to internal views of themselves or their world.   For example, an adolescent who is underweight or anorexic may see themselves as fat even though anyone else would see them as dangerously thin.  Someone who is beautiful may think of themselves as ugly and in need of some external change like plastic surgery instead of an internal change in the way they view themselves.

Many parents feel that a child will grow out of their problems.   Generally children grow with their problems rather than grow out of them.


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