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Jack Novick, PhD

(734) 665-6745(Voice)

ACP Past President 2018-2020

2502 Packard St Apt 4101
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
United States
(734) 665-6745(Voice)
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Jack Novick, M.A., Ph.D., has been on the ACP executive council, the membership committee, the program committee, chair of the future planning committee and chair of the Awards committee. He has given the plenary address on Termination at the ACP and he and Kerry Novick gave the Marianne Kris lecture entitled “Reclaiming The Land.” He and Kerry Novick have published 100 articles and written 4 books.

He trained at the Anna Freud Centre and the British Psychoanalytic Society & Institute where he was on the faculty and a child supervisor.

He returned to the U.S. to be appointed Associate Professor of Psychology in the U.of Michigan Department of Psychiatry where he was Chief Psychologist of the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital.

Currently he is a training and supervising analyst, a geographical child/adolescent supervisor in a number of institutes. Dr. Novick served as chair of the C/A program of the MI Psa. Institute where he and colleagues pioneered the first Integrated Child/Adult Curriculum.

He and colleagues started Allen Creek Preschool where he served for many years as family consultant, research director and board V.P. He and Don Rosenblitt founded the Alliance for Psychoanalytic Schools. He currently is serving his second term as an elected North American Representative to the IPA Board.

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